A Gifted Christmas

A Gifted Christmas is a national ministry initiative to meet needs and brighten lives this Christmas.

While there are many opportunities to give around the Holidays, NoiseTalks has taken the time to identify needs in several different communities that may otherwise go un-noticed.

1. Give a gift to a child who would not otherwise receive a gift.
We are partnering with The House Church and the foster care system in the Quad Cities to give gifts to children who might not otherwise receive gifts. While there are many giving foster parents, there are are also many children who only spend a couple weeks at a foster home. Unfortunately, in this transition, many children go without the innocent joy of opening gifts on Christmas morning. We are currently collecting gift cards to buy children gifts for these children. The House Church is working to buy the gifts locally, wrap them, and ensure they make it to the arms of the children by Christmas morning.

To participate in this initiative, please send the gift cards by December 12, 2015 to:  

NoiseTalks   P.O. Box 190264   Atlanta, GA 31119
2. Collect Supplies for Urban Impact.
Urban Impact's mission is to influence kids for Christ in the urban community of Lexington, Kentucky. One of our mission teams has already driven to Lexington, KY this Christmas season to provide gifts to children who would otherwise receive very little. To continue to support this ministry, they need the following supplies to help their work throughout the year. Please mail items by December 30, 2015 to: NoiseTalks P.O. Box 190264 Atlanta, GA 31119 - books of all reading levels - legos - board games - engineering/ science kits - restaurant gift cards for volunteers - personal sized dry erase boards and markers - journals - tablets - computers - gator balls (dodge balls) - craft sets - grocery gift cards for snacks - camera and film equipment
3. Support Regular Hygiene for Kids in Atlanta.
For those of us fortunate enough to have consistent shelter, we may underestimate the role consistent grooming plays in health, employment, and safety. We are partnering with a local ministry in Atlanta, Georgia to collect grooming kits and hair clippers. Local professional barbers and hairstylist have generously agreed to provide free professional hair cuts to the homeless, but due to the sheer number of cuts given, updated hair clippers are greatly needed. Participate in this cause by either sending hair clippers and grooming kits, or by sending gift cards so that these items can be purchased. Please mail all items by December 30, 2015 to: NoiseTalks P.O. Box 190264 Atlanta, GA 31119
4. Choose Your Own Giving Adventure.
Know of a lesser known cause in your city that can use your generosity? Give! And let us know how you participated in A Gifted Christmas in your own community.
***100% of all items given to A Gifted Christmas will be forwarded to ministries NoiseTalks has partnered with.***