About Our Trips

NoiseTalks provides custom, short-term trips that allow your group to serve along side local churches and ministries. Discover what it is like to live a life of faith as you serve and engage the city through evangelism, community development, church planting, construction ministry, children’s ministry, along with various ways to serve the homeless, and more.

How We Work

At NoiseTalks we believe in working alongside existing ministries in the community. We partner with local churches and ministries to join them in their ongoing work. We believe this not only encourages local believers as they labor with mission groups to serve their city, but this also provides longevity and accountability to the week-long work of an individual trip.

What to Expect

We believe that worship and service go hand-in-hand and will strive to create an environment of service and growth in your relationship with Jesus Christ while you are with us. As a foundation of every trip, we provide a schedule that allows you to spend one-on-one time with God while including corporate worship every day. We will also have guest speakers and worship leaders to engage your students and cultivating their relationship with Christ.

Custom Trips

We want to create trips that meet your group where they are spiritually. Do they want to grow in evangelism? We’ll make sure we equip them and supply safe opportunities to share their faith. Do they need to learn to love people that do not look like them? We’ll provide opportunities to serve cross-culturally and with those that may have various disabilities. Before the trip is finalized, we get to know you and your group. We believe that every trip should be filled with ministry opportunities where you can succeed, be challenged, and left with a desire to grow. To help us get to know more about your group, please click the link below and fill out the Trip Leader Questionnaire.