Our Story

After years of working on staff as a worship leader at various churches and ministries, I was captivated by this thought, “there has to be more to worshipping Jesus than reciting a few prayers or singing a few songs on Sunday morning. There has to be something deeper. For Christ followers, worship requires a surrender of not only our time on Sunday morning, but also our lives every day. “
This inward dialogue led me to ask God how I (and others) could begin a lifestyle where worship radiated beyond Sunday morning. After a lot of time in prayer, the phrase “NoiseTalks” repeatedly surfaced in my thoughts and conversations.
NoiseTalks is all about letting our life make Noise that speaks to others about who God is and what He has done for us. Making Noise means serving God with our lives by serving those around us and making a positive difference in our communities. Based on this concept, NoiseTalks was formed.
In 2010 we ran our first short-term mission trip where the students, adult leaders, and NoiseTalks staff were challenged to Worship, Engage, and Serve. We have since grown into a complete short-term missions organization where we teach students and families to worship not only through song and prayer, but also with their whole lives as they declare the amazing story of what God has done for them by actively serving their communities.
Our story is not finished, in fact, we are only at the beginning. Join us in this story as we make Noise in our communities to reach the world for Christ.

---Daniel Johnson, NoiseTalks founder